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Seussical: the Musical - AGHS edition!

Okay, so the local High School put on a production of Seussical: the Musical this weekend. I saw it tonight and I loved it! It was so funny, but there were also some pretty sad parts... (Or it could just be I'm over-emotional due to sleep-deprivation...)  One of my favourite regular play cast members was The Cat in the Hat. He has to be one of the funniest people alive, I swear! He can always get a laugh out of the audience, even when it seems like a beloved character has just died... And Mayzie LaBird was such a great character! Although, I may be biased because she was played by a girl that I went to camp with and, when my so-called friends abandoned me that week, I talked quite a bit to her, and I'd like to think we got on rather well... Her singing was super amazing! Mayzie's songs definitely suited Haley's voice well. Horton was such a great character! He was just as I'd imagined him when I was a child reading the Horton books, and it was so very amazing to see all of my favourite Seuss stories come to life! The Wickersham brothers and their Wickersham sisters were wonderfully wicked. As much as I wanted to not dislike them (one of my best friends was one of the Wickersham brothers) they were just too good at being bad. The Mayor's wife was quite possibly one of my top favourite characters from this musical, right below Mayzie. Her actions were just so delightfully funny! Gertrude was adorable, and very likable. JoJo was a great character! The thinks that he would think! So amazing! General Genghis Khan Schmitz was rather amusing. He provided a few giggles to the audience. The songs were very upbeat and catchy. I'll probably be humming them for the next week. There were so many colours in this musical! I mean, colours are to be expected, it's SEUSS, for crying out loud, so it wasn't unusual at all. I think everything was perfect, and amazingly impressive from a cast of High School students. I'm used to their talent, though, I've been going to the plays and musicals for a couple years already. I recommend that anyone see this musical, it's so great! I can't guarantee you'll have my experience, though, unless you go to the Sunday afternoon showing of the musical. I'm hoping to go again, but, if I can't, at least I got to see it once. I'm so glad to have had this chance. I love seeing plays and musicals, it's just such a great time!

I tried to comment on all I remembered of the musical, but there is so much that has already slipped away... It's not that it wasn't a memorable musical, just that I'm sleep-deprived, and can't remember anything at all... I know I forgot a few people and characters, and I apologise. There is so much more I could say about this musical, but I'm mostly repeating the same words over and over again, so I think I should get some sleep. If any of the cast are reading this, you were AMAZING! Of course, AGHS plays are always, ALWAYS amazing!
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