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Writer's Block: Don't tease me bro!

Do you think good-natured teasing often goes too far? Have you ever gotten seriously offended by a joke that crossed the line? Have you been informed that your own teasing hurt someone else's feelings?

Good-natured Teasing can go too far, and all too often, it seems that it does. And yes, I have gotten offended by a joke that crossed the line. It's almost an unforgivable offense in my mind, but I've seemed to work past it. I can forgive, but I rarely forget. The joke, well, it wasn't really a joke so much as a statement, made at church camp, no less. It was about a year or so ago, and my friend and I were talking about the greatest movie ever made, Labyrinth, and trying to convince another mutual friend to see it. She said, and it's a scene that I don't think will ever leave my memory, which is why I can still quote it perfectly, "It sounds gay, so it is gay." Not only is that incredibly offensive to me as a gay gal, which I had remarked to her before, only to be completely blown off, but it's just plain out rude. A simple 'no, I don't think I would like it' would have sufficed. But even then, I would have persisted, because I really think she would have enjoyed the movie. I've known her for about 6 years now, so I thought I knew her well... but, I've since been proven wrong, not just that one time, but after, as well. I've learnt that you can never really know a person until they either stab you in the back or back you up after you've been backstabbed. I've learnt who my true friends are, and I'll treasure them for the rest of my life. As for me hurting people's feelings, the only time I can really think of my teasing hurting anyone's feelings is when I would tease my brother a lot. He would get angry at the slightest teasing from me. But we've since grown up and moved past childish teasing, and we actually get on rather well now. And, is it just me, or do I sound a bit British in this writing? Perhaps it's maturity and sophistication? Both generally are viewed as British qualities. That's not to say that peoples other than British can't be mature and sophisticated, just that, generally when people think of British, they think of sophistication and maturity. Of course, the British are just like anyone else. They can be mature, sophisticated, funny, serious, childish, irresponsible, etc. I've spoken briefly with a fair number of those in the land that is the most amazing, England, and I've seen quite a range. The British are always a delight to speak with, though. Unless it's a chav. I can't say I'd much enjoy an encounter with a chav... -shudder- and why have I gotten so off-topic? Ha, that happens with me a lot. I can start on one topic and end up talking about something completely different and then it's like 'Well, how did this happen?'. I'm always highly amused with my conversations because they can take such wild and radical turns of direction! Do I come off as conceited? I mean, I kind of called myself mature and sophisticated, which I can be, but I can also be completely the opposite. I can be insane and crazy and hilarious... Although, that's seeming to happen a lot less often recently. I think it's because I'm getting older and I just can't behave like a child much anymore. I do still love to have a good time, but I view a good time differently than some of my friends seem to... and again with the wild topic changes! Gah! If I don't force myself to stop writing, I'll keep going until I get carpal tunnel or something! So, this shall be the end of this particular post, but another should be up soon! And then, perhaps another? Depends on how I feel after my next post. (It will be another Writer's Block, because I have such fun with them)
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